TreeGreetings Affiliate Program

Here are the highlights:

  1. Your organization receives money directly from Your True Nature for each tree purchased. The amount of money depends on your level of promotion. If you simply put the logo on your site you are a Level I affiliate and you will receive $.50 for each tree purchased. If you promote the site through newsletters, ezines, mailings, etc., you are a Level II affiliate and you will receive $1. per tree. The amount is per tree so that when someone purchases a three tree grove and you are a level II affiliate, you will receive $3.00.

  2. Sign up as an affiliate with our easy to use online application form.

  3. Once accepted, we will email you the TreeGreetings affiliate link to put on your website and now all you have to do is to begin promoting it. Millions and millions of eCards are sent every day and people will appreciate your letting them know about these eCards that also plant a tree. All for $8.95. The concept of TreeGreetings will draw people to your site if you simply let them know about it.

    $1 per tree donated to
    Your Organization Here
    $1 per tree donated to
    Your Organization Here
    $1 per tree donated to
    Your Organization Here

  4. Payments will be made to your organization quarterly by check or if you desire contributions will be made to the charity of your choice and you will receive the tax deduction.

  5. When TreeGreetings are purchased, customers will see a verification that confirms a contribution is being made to your specific organization.

Good for your site visitors, good for your organization and good for the Earth!

It's as easy as 1, 2, Tree!

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Level I - We will put the TreeGreetings link/logo on our organizations website
Level II - We will put the TreeGreetings link/logo on our organizations website and promote it through two or more of the following methods in each 12 months time period.
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Level I receives $.50 per tree purchased , Level II receives $1. per tree purchased.


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TreeGreetings Referrer
Your organization can also make money if you sign up other organizations and they put the TreeGreetings Logo and link on their site. As a "Referrer" you will receive $.15 per tree for ALL trees purchased through that link. Your referrer code (sent to you when you check the referrer box below) must be put in the appropriate box on their online application and they must be approved as a new member affiliate by us.

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