TreeGreetings FAQ

  • Can I go visit my tree?

    With so many trees being planted we can't specifically show you your tree, but if you click on "Tree Tour", we can show you pictures of the trees, tree nursery, tree planters and planting sites in progress. While you may not be able to see your actual tree, there is great satisfaction in knowing that your tree is growing next to the tree planted by another. A Birthday tree from North Carolina next to a Memorial tree from California and both of these near a Wedding tree from New York. A forest of life, hope and growth! The non profit organization that we work with to plant our trees, Trees, Wat er & People (TWP), does offer annual opportunities to plant trees during their annual Work Tour to El Salvador. Learn more about this unique adventure and reforestation project by contacting Sebastian Africano at 877-606-4897 or

  • Where are the trees being planted and how are they being cared for?

    Over the past 15 years Your True Nature has planted trees through a variety of organizations including Friends of Trees (Portland, OR), Fort Collins ReLeaf (Fort Collins, CO), Global ReLeaf (Washington, DC), TreePeople (Beverly Hills, CA), Trees Water & People (Fort Collins, CO) and others. Currently we are planting in areas of El Salvador with TWP. This project offers the best combination of ideal growing conditions, creation of jobs for local communities, capability of planting large numbers of trees, price, aftercare and protection of the trees from future harvesting. It is our desire to choose locations where the tree can grow its full life. It is easy to plant a tree, but the care of weeding and removing encroaching grasses is also so important and part of our program. TWP is particularly proud of the fact they work with rural communities in Central America to protect water and forest resources. They operate with the professional and development ethic that these communities should lead their own resource protection initiatives, and that TWP's role is to help and support them with that mission. It is because these communities take the initiative to reforest that we know they will protect and care for the trees we plant with them.

    Some of our customers have requested their desire to plant trees in the US and we are pleased to now offer this option. Plant-It 2020 plants our Evergreen trees in various locations in the US including California, Washington, New York, Wisconsin, Ohio, Vermont, Tennessee and Georgia. Specific state locations are selected each year based on adequate moisture, areas needing planting of Evergreens and available projects. Getting the right tree in the right place is our primary objective.

  • How do I know the trees are being planted?

    The trees are being planted by the non profit organization in Fort Collins, Colorado, Trees, Water & People. This vibrant organization has planted 1.2 million trees in Central America. As a result of their outstanding work, TWP has been featured on the National Geographic Channel and the BBC, and received the prestigious Ashden Award for Sustainable Energy in 2005. This was presented to Stuart Conway, TWP's International Director, by Prince Charles in England. Trees, Water & People is an audited 501(c)3 non profit and receives grants from many reputable foundations. All tree plantings are documented with reports including pictures and are verified to our satisfaction. You can visit TWP's website at for more information.

    The Evergreen trees are being planted in the US by Plant-It 2020, a 501(c)(3), a private foundation founded in 1992 by the well-known singer and environmentalist John Denver. They have worked with international, national, state and local government, corporate and private partners to plant, maintain and protect trees worldwide. Visit

    Once your TreeGreeting is purchased it may be a few months or in some cases up to twelve months before your tree is planted. It all depends on which month the purchase has been made, optimal planting conditions and available projects. In 6-8 months you will be receiving an email TreeGreeting announcing that your tree has been planted or will soon be planted. We will include pictures of some of our planting projects.

  • Tell me more about the trees being planted?

    In each of the tree groups Flowering, Shade, Fruit and Evergreen, there are three or four wonderful varieties from which we will choose your tree or trees to be planted. For example if you choose the Fruit group we will plant either a Lemon, Orange or Mango. To make this a successful program it is important that our tree planting partners have the flexibility of which tree to plant depending on soil conditions, trees needed, species diversity, and what is available in the tree nursery. All of the Shade, Flowering and Evergreen trees are native varieties. You might notice that some trees do overlap groups, ie: Laurel could be considered a Shade tree, but it has such a beautiful flower that we added to the Flowering tree category. Your TreeGreetings purchase plants trees that would have otherwise not been planted. With your satisfaction in mind, it is our goal to plant the tree that has been selected, however to insure that year after year the right trees are planted (based on a variety of factors) we reserve the right to substitute trees and will do so only if and when it becomes necessary. And now more about the tree groups and varieties:

    Group Descriptions:

    SHADE TREES - Trees in this category are either fast-growing pioneer trees or slow-growing canopy trees. Pioneer trees are those that are most resistant to tough growing conditions in degraded areas. They withstand long droughts and pests. Canopy trees are usually the tallest trees in a mature forest.

    Wild Tamarind - Leucaena - Leucaena salvadorensis Extremely fast-growing and an endangered tree species.

    West Indian Locust - Hymenaea courbaril L A slow growing well formed tree, the wood is strong

    Pacific Coast Mahogany - Caoba - Swietenia humilis Zucc. Endangered due to overharvesting.

    Spanish Cedar - Cedro - Cedrela odorata L. Beautiful and large canopy tree

    FLOWERING TREES - These trees are renowned for their beautiful flowers and add splendor to assorted landscapes of El Salvador. They vary greatly in their size, growth and flowering.

    Pink-Trumpet tree - Maquilishuat - Tabebuia rosea Produces a distinctive pink flower.

    Yellow Elder - San Andrés - Tecoma stans Hardy, fast-growing tree with gorgeous yellow flower.

    Laurel - Laurel - Cordia alliodora Stunning hardwood evergreen tree with long yellow flower

    Mexican Lilac - Madre de Cacao - Gliricdia sepium Very successful reforestation tree. Called the mother of cacao because the Aztecs used it to protect their cacao trees.

    FRUIT TREES - Although there are a variety of native fruit trees in El Salvador, we plant mango and citrus trees with communities to meet their preferences.

    Tommy Mango - Mangifera indica L. Tasty and prolific producer of mango fruit

    Valencia Orange - Citrus sinensis Juicy and delectable orange fruit

    Persian Lemon - Limón Persa - Citrus latifolia Tan High nutritional and economic value of Persian Lemons for rural families.

    EVERGREEN TREES - These trees keep their needles and provide shade and wind protection all year. It's easy to tell one tree from another if you know a few helpful hints based on the first letter of each tree. Spruce has Sharp needles, Pines have needles in Packets or groups, and Fir has Friendly or soft needles. With so many possible varieties of evergreens being planted we have listed only list a few.

    Spruce - Blue

    Pine - Ponderosa

    Fir - Noble, Douglas

    Imagine your tree or trees growing in the warm sun, nurtured by rain and bringing shade, oxygen, fruit, color, homes for birds or animals, or all of these things to make this a better world for all of us. We treat each tree with care. Our special gift to you and the Earth.

  • How did Your True Nature come up with this idea?

    After having received a Magnolia tree for his 11th birthday, Ilan Shamir gained a lifelong appreciation for the value and joy of receiving a living growing gift. "My tree and I "grew up" together! It has been such a valuable and important part of my life that I wanted to give others the experience of having a tree planted for their special occasions." Here is an idea that combines the power of technology with the beauty and gentleness of nature. The fact that the whole process and purchase is paperless (except for printing off your certificate if you choose to do so) is amazing.

    Your True Nature has been planting and celebrating trees for over 25 years. It is more than a business, it is our passion and mission. A few of the ways we have been involved: Over 50,000 trees have been replanted to replace all paper used in our company. Fort Collins ReLeaf, a non profit community organization was founded in 1990 and has planted more than 30,000 trees in Northern Colorado. The 100% Replanted program was co-founded with Trees Water & People to give individuals and businesses an easy way to replant trees for all paper used ( Ilan Shamir has authored Tree Celebrations, PoetTree and Advice from a Tree books and has given over a thousand tree celebrations and education programs all around the world. Our passion and purpose is trees.

  • Who created the music, photographs and designs?

    The whole site was a creative delight! The music for the Tree-mendous and the Hanukkah Card created by jazz pianist Mark Sloniker. Visit  The guitar music for the Christmas, Pet loss, and It's a Tree cards created by Chris Kennison. Visit

    The accordion for the Baby card and the piano/strings for the memorial card created by Janelle Joslyn. The piano for the Advice from a Tree card created by Ilan Shamir. All the photographs, except one, were taken in Oregon, Colorado, Missouri, Hawaii, Switzerland and places all over the world by Ilan Shamir. One of the cat pictures in the Pet Loss card is from Lacy Fuller, who is also the amazing and wonderfully talented web developer who brought Ilan Shamir's card ideas to life and also created the whole user friendly web structure. It is a creative pleasure to work with such talented people who support the idea of bringing trees, beauty and life to eCommerce.

  • I purchased my TreeGreeting through another website. Do they get credit?

    When you click on the TreeGreetings button on another site it will take you into the Your True Nature TreeGreetings site. For each and every TreeGreeting you purchase, between $.50 and $1 will be donated directly back to that organization. In some cases it will be the charity that the organization has selected. The amount depends on the organization being a Level I or Level II affiliate. As an example, iIf you purchase a TreeGreetings that plants one tree, the organization will receive $1. If you purchase a three tree grove the contribution will be $3.

  • How can I sign up as an affiliate and put the logo on my website?

    If you are an organization and would like to let others know about TreeGreetings and make money for you, we can sign you up! You get a colorful TreeGreetings Logo to put on your site. You receive up to $1. per tree for each and every tree purchased on our site where the purchaser comes through your link. If they order one tree, as an affiliate you get $1. If they order the five tree forest you receive $5. The purchaser will see the name of your organization and the donation amount when purchasing their TreeGreetings. If you would like to have the money donated to a charity of your choice this can easily be arranged and you will receive the tax deduction. Click on the button "Tree Affiliate" for more detailed information and online application.

  • What if I would like to send out a holiday TreeGreetings to my whole list?

    If you are an individual that would like to send TreeGreetings to your holiday mailing list it's as easy as one, two, tree! The TreeGreetings website will take care of everything automatically and make sure you receive your discount for ordering multiple greetings. If you are an organization please see below.

  • I am a company or organization. Can I send TreeGreetings for customer appreciation or holiday cards?

    We have had organizations purchase 400-500 cards and send them out to their employees or customers. In either case we offer discounts for quantities. We can include your logo and personalized message on the last frame of the card and we can also include your company name on the certificate! We offer either The Gift of a Tree "paper/mailable" version or the TreeGreetings electronic version. With TreeGreetings you save postage and send a paperless, animated eCard that plants a tree! Just email us at: or call us toll free at 1-800-992-4769

  • How long will my card be viewable?

    The card can be viewed over and over again for up to a year. We have our cyber elves on standby to redeliver your TreeGreetings at any time!

  • What if I want to plant more trees than the five tree forest you offer?

    We have set up an automatic calculator on the site that makes it easy for you to enter any number of trees that you would like. In the order process when asked for the number of trees you would like to plant choose "Tree Preserve" and add your desired quantity in the box. The cost is $6. per shade, fruit or flowering tree and $7. per evergreen tree. The correct total dollar amount will appear automatically at check out. Great to plant 20 trees for a 20th anniversary, 12 trees for a 12th birthday or just multiple trees for any occasion. It's easy as 1, 2, Tree!

  • What if I want to send the TreeGreetings to arrive on someone's birthday, wedding, anniversary or other special occasion and it is a few days or even months from now?

    With the amazing power of the computer we have set up the site so that you can purchase the TreeGreetings and select the day you would like it delivered. It can be sent immediately, in a few days, weeks or even months. It's easy to plan ahead and take care of your sending list well in advance.

  • What will the recipient receive once I purchase a TreeGreeting?

    This whole thing happens within minutes. You purchase the TreeGreeting, your credit card purchase is approved and voila, an email is sent to the recipient with a link to their TreeGreeting. Imagine their excitement as they view the card and your personalized message! They can replay it as many times as they want (even for a whole year!). They can take a tour of the tree planting area and see more about their tree and print their full color personalized 8 x10 certificate suitable for framing! And even better, six - twelve months after you send the TreeGreetings, and after your tree or trees have been planted, both you and the recipient will automatically receive a colorful email with pictures showing you the area your tree was planted and other interesting pictures of how your tree is growing.

  • How will I know if the purchase went through?

    You will receive an email confirming your purchase once your credit card has been approved.

  • A few of the people I would like to send a TreeGreeting to do not have email. Can I still send them a TreeGreeting?

    Two options are available. First you could print off the personalized certificate at the end of the TreeGreeting and mail it to them. We also have a mailable tree planting card called the Gift of a Tree. Instead of an eCard you get a beautiful greeting card to send. You can purchase these from our other website They are $8.95 each or save $2 per card and buy a six pack for $42. Cards do not expire.

  • I purchased a TreeGreeting and the recipient has not received the email to view the card. What should I do?

    Have the recipient check and see if it was captured by their spam filter. If they do not have access to the spam filter or it does not show up, go to your confirmation email that you received when you originally purchased the TreeGreeting. Simply cut and paste the link to their card and resend it to them in an email.

  • I have sent two cards that have been undeliverable, they are full mail boxes or they changed their email address. Is there a way to resend those cards?

    On the last screen when you originally purchased the TreeGreeting or on the confirmation email you received are links to the eCard so that you can easily cut and paste the link and resend it directly to the person.

  • I entered the wrong email for the person I am sending the TreeGreeting to. What should I do?

    On the last screen when you originally purchased the TreeGreeting or on the confirmation email you received are links to the eCard so that you can easily cut and paste the link and resend it directly to the person.

  • I would like to order TreeGreetings for six of my co-workers. I need 5 Christmas and one Hanukkah, all shade trees. Can I get the 'buy 6' discount?

    The six tree discount (savings of $2.45 per TreeGreeting) still applies. You can send them all different eCards and even different trees and the discount will be automatically calculated at checkout. If you want the five Christmas to be the same here is another way. First order the Hanukkah card and then click "purchase more cards" and then compose on Christmans message and send it to the other five people. On the website just check the "yes" box in order step #7 when it ask if you would like to send this to multiple recipients and simply folow the instructions. Again the discount will be automatically calculated at checkout.

  • I have just ordered a TreeGreeting. The website showed my credit card was declined. However, when I called my credit card company, they told me your company had successfully processed my charge.

    The credit card came through from our authorization provider as declined. The card was declined because your zip code did not match the credit card's billing zip code. The credit card was approved on the first verification as is routine, however, on the second verification it was nullified, meaning that the charge would not actually go through to your bank. Sometimes bank personnel will mistakenly only look at the first verification.

  • I need to check on a TreeGreeting sent a couple of days ago. I did not see a confirmation email. Was it sent?

    When you completed your order the last screen says "Thank you. Your order was processed successfully!" This is a confirmation that your order was completed. If you did not see that screen then your TreeGreeting was not sent. Sometimes confirmation emails are captured by your spam filter and could be the reason you did not get a confirmation email.

  • I sent a tree greeting to my friends last week. I didn't recieve an email indicating that the greeting was read.

    In some cases aggressive spam filters might have filtered it and you should look in your caputred mail for the email that indicates that the TreeGreeting was received and read.

    In a few cases their spam filter might have captured their original TreeGreeting and they have not received it yet. Either way we suggest that you locate the link found on both the last screen when you originally purchased the TreeGreeting that said "Thank you. Your order was successfully processed!" or on the confirmation email sent to you the same day you ordered. Just cut and paste the link for their card and resend it in an email directly to them.

  • I just ordered an eCard and gave the wrong email address for myself. Is there anyway you can send my receipt to the right email addres?

    If you email us we will in return email you receipt.

  • Why are TreeGreetings priced at $8.95 - $9.95?

    The price of each TreeGreeting includes the planting and aftercare of a shade, fruit, flowering or evergreen tree. These are 18" - 36" trees planted by non profits in the US and Central America. It also includes an online personalized certificate. We have invested many tens of thousands of dollars in the development of the project and state of the art website that allows for such unique personalization. Included is the cost of doing business as a sustainable business (member of 1%) for the planet, using hybrid vehicles for our fleet and replanting over 50, 000 trees for all paper used by our company. Some people think that the price is too high, others think it is an amazing bargain to have the tree, eCard, certificate and to buy from a company with sustainable business practices. By the way the price drops to as low as $6.50 each when six or more are purchased and $6.00 for ten or more.

  • Do you plant anywhere in the US? If not, why not?

    We plant in eight states in the US. Go to and you can find a map on the tree tour slide show and additional detailed info in the FAQ's. When ordering TreeGreetings you will be given the option of selecting evergreen trees which are planted in the US.

  • We love the idea of the tree greetings, and want to send some to family and friends. However, we anticipate questions about why no tree planting is being done in my state.

    We have planted thousands of trees in various projects. The eight states currently selected are because our non profit tree planting partner recommended these based on a variety of factors such as suitability for evergreens, current projects with proper aftercare, favorable climate conditions, etc. We will always consider projects in other states. Check the locations map in the tree for current locations.

  • What is your privacy policy with the information entered on your site?

    We do not sell or rent your information to anyone else. Your True Nature will send you our semi-monthly inspirational TreeZine which you can enjoy or choose to cancel at any time.

  • Is this a secure site for credit card processing?

    Yes, we purchase a secure certificate and server key and use Authorize.Net as our transactions processor. All information you enter is encrypted at the highest level before it is transmitted over the internet. We have processed many thousands of secure transactions.

  • What are the environmental practices of Your True Nature?

    We have been a leader in progressive sustainable actions since 1979. Over 90,000 new trees have been planted and cared for through non profit community forestry organizations to replace all paper used in our business. We are co-developers with Trees, Water & People of a unique website that allows individuals and other organizations to use an online calculator to determine number of trees used and then to immediately replant those trees. We also use recycled paper in all of our products, have fuel efficient hybrid fleet for our vehicles and each year contribute 1% of our entire sales to "1% For The Planet".

  • What other products do you offer and how can I purchase them?

    Visit for over 50 environmentally sustainable products. We have a full line of books, journals, stationery, posters and t-shirts to celebrate nature and human nature. Advice from a Tree, Advice from a River, Advice from a Mountain, Advice from a Garden, Tree Celebrations and A Thousand Things Went Right Today are a few of our many popular products. Your True Nature also offers lively keynotes and trainings for events and organizations. Our website contains a whole forest of useful information.

  • How do I get in contact with you?

    The best way is to email us directly at: One of our friendly tree elves will get back to you and help in any way they can.

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